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- Future Resonance - Crystal Maze - Stereodays Recordings
- Future Resonance - Hustler - Insomniacz Digital
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Diego - AKA Future Resonance - is world wide, one of today's most established and accredited hard house DJs.
Diego is not just an underground phenomenon in New Zealand, where his music career began he is a well known name but his fans don't just end there.
Having lived, DJ'd and produced in the UK, mixing with some of the top names in Hard House he has managed to prove himself as a key player within the global Hard House community and deservedly so.
Boasting massive accomplishments that few others are on a par with, his skilled mixing and intuitive crowd reading has seen him play to crowds of 500000+ throughout 22 cities in 8 different countries, across 3 continents.
With countless big scale events under his belt, playing in clubs since 2006 has seen him rise to the top of his game, headlining killer sets in Auckland, Ibiza, London & Taipai to name just a few.
Boasting two albums, a New Zealand and UK Frantic residency, various coveted awards and over 100 releases on some of the best labels around, his uplifting and future-proof musical concepts, accompanied by his unique and eclectic live performing style means he is truly loved all around the world.
In New Zealand he was the sole creator of Stereodays which is considered one of the elite hard house labels.
With weekly releases from some of the best artists around the world, Stereodays events have hit the shores of 3 continents providing clubbers with some of the best events in Hard House.